Your Benefits of My Travel Services (English) | WK Travel Inspirations

In this film, I explain the benefits you get from using my travel services of WK Travel Inspirations:

Have you ever dreamed of spending your holidays or shorter journeys away from average budget tourists and their mainstream travel destinations? Sleeping in castles or palaces, rafting in Grand Canyon, walking on the Great Wall in China without encountering a single person, flying balloon or zeppelin, following traces of the Roman Empire? How about taking panoramic helicopter or airplane tours above cities or breathtaking landscape, touching bones of dinosaurs directly on the ground, being alone in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, listening to a local guide about facts that cannot be found in any book? Or are you simply not happy with your “diluted” travel experience from the past which resulted from your lack of proper preparation for your journeys?

If so, I would be happy to help you realize your dreams with my travel destination recommendation website – – which I have been getting ready for since 1980. I am a very experienced businessman, ex-Nike Poland GM who decided to quit corporate life after 20 years of successful “service” and to build something important for myself, my family, friends and the travel community.

This project comes from my passion for cultural and heritage traveling combined with nature sightseeing. If you are or want to be an independent traveler who loves history, art, architecture, geography and nature I would like to help you in choosing regions to visit which match your traveler’s profile precisely. For my recommended regions, you will be able to buy list of your preferred attractions, top class guide-books, purchase trip plans fully customized for your needs and receive recommendations of the proven, local tourist service providers.

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