10 Reason Why GOA is a Perfect Holiday Destination

Top 10 Places to Visit in Goa, India – Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India with beaches, churches, Forts and is ranked first in India for its excellent quality of life.

This Video brings to you the top 10 Must Visit places in Goa you must visit.

In popular culture, Goa is especially known for its golden and white sand beaches and its extravagant party scene. All over North and South Goa lie beaches nestled among cliffs and forests with topaz waters kissing their shores. These beaches are the only ones of their kind in India. They are incredibly clean and their popularity with Western tourists has won them excellent touristic facilities.

But while the beaches are an essential part of Goa’s identity, they are not the only places worthy of interest in Goa. The Konkani State is rich in biodiversity and is also popular for its religious landmarks. Colonised by Portugal centuries ago, Goa still retains an ambiance derived from its history. The old age Portuguese architecture of Goa is a major contributing factor as are the customs and traditions that borrow from Portuguese culture.

If you really wish to get a taste of the Portuguese influence in Goa, drop by on a visit to the city of Margao. The past stands in close conjunction with the modern presence in this state and adds to the different ambiance of the place. You can visit Goa at any time of the year through the popular season is from November to April. However, you ought to plan your trip based on the places you wish to visit. For example, the beaches are active round the clock but the waterfalls and springs are best seen in the monsoon season.

But regardless of the time you go, Goa is a place worth seeing. There are many sight-seeing places in Goa and this list aims to provide you with a comprehensive summary of them. Let us dive right in.

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