10 Most Expensive Vacations

From a stay at a beautiful hotel on a private island in the bahamas, to an exciting trip around the sea in a cruise ship, here are 10 of the most expensive vacations.

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Badrutt’s Palace – Located in St. Moritz, Switzerland – which is known for hosting the 1928 Winter Olympics – the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is a historic hotel that originally opened in 1896. The hotel offers fine cuisine from seven restaurants located on the premises. A luxury suite will run you $5427 a night and some activities guests can enjoy are tobogganing, vertical ice wall climbing, torch light skiing and half pipe snowboarding. For those who aren’t quite so adventurous, the resort also has a full fitness center and spa.
Queen Mary 2 – This spectacular ocean liner is the epitome of luxury and style. Not only are guests treated to a beautifully designed ship, but they also have a litany of perks at their fingertips. On board, the guests can dine at any one of the ten restaurants, visit a planetarium, a casino, the Royal Court Theater and six swimming pools. The Queen Mary 2 travels roundtrip from New York to the Caribbean in November, December and January. It also runs specialty cruises throughout the rest of the year. Suites aboard the Queen Mary 2 start at around $4000.

Zephyr Palace – This Costa Rican gem is nestled on an 1100 foot mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Giving their guests the best of both a mountain resort and beach getaway, Zephyr Palace offers its own private beach called Caletas. There are three restaurant options located in the resort and room service offering a full menu. The resort has every amenity you can imagine, including an infinity pool, gym, a beauty salon, spa and golf course. A stay here will run you around $9300 a night or $65,000 for the week.
Life ball – It’s the biggest charity event in Europe and is the hottest ticket in town. The Life Ball in Vienna, Austria raises money for the non-profit foundation AIDS LIFE. The event is unbelievable and draws a celebrity crowd every year – regulars include Katy Perry, Diane von Furstenberg and Bill Clinton. To keep the cause behind this event at the forefront, the opening ceremonies include speeches and moments of silence for those affected by AIDS. A ticket to the ball can start at $6700 per person, but the foundation only sells 3,780 are sold each year, leaving a lot of people out in the cold, although they do set aside a certain number of tickets for those who have dressed to impress in costumes that highlight the Ball’s theme. If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket, this vacation would definitely be a once in a lifetime experience.
Sea Cloud Cruise – A spot on this cruise could cost you up to $8,000 per person, but it seems worth every penny. Gliding along the Aegean Sea, guests are treated to fresh fruit and champagne in their cabins and several captains’ cocktail parties. The ship has destinations all over, however, their most popular trip is through the Greek Isles from Athens to Turkey.

Ackergill Tower – Maybe one of the most breathtaking destinations on our list, Ackergill Tower is located in the Scottish Highlands and offers a phenomenal view of the North Sea. Built in 1861, the castle can accommodate 40 guests at a time and costs $76,000 for a week to rent. Fresh seafood is the main dining attraction and fresh local lobster, scallops and crab are specialties of the chefs on site. Guests are encouraged to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful grounds with activities like shooting, golfing or fishing.

Musha Cay – Located in the Bahamas, this 150 acre private island is one of the most unbelievable vacation spots on earth. The island only allows one group of guests – up to 24 – on the island at a time, and it is one of the most private places to get away. This little piece of paradise offers guests some pretty amazing adventures, as well. Guests can choose from any and all of the following – a scripted treasure hunt around the island visiting hidden beaches and a petrified lake, a secret village located through an underground tunnel, complete with monkeys and a jungle, and the Musha Olympic Games with competitive swimming, volleyball and running. Paradise doesn’t come cheap though, and one night on the island will cost $39,000 for up to 12 people with a four night minimum.