10 Best Destinations to Travel After You Graduate

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3. Dubai

dubai tourist places
One of world’s dynamic cities, Dubai is a place which has many wonders and some of world’s first and the best feats. The amazing city is a great stop over destination and offers amazing accommodations, extravagant nightlife, shopping variations, best of world cuisines, extraordinary attractions and international events – in short anything you could possibly want to experience. Though Dubai showcases a lavish lifestyle and a hot spot for those with expensive taste, it also opens up a budget friendly side for travellers. Getting around Dubai is cheap – taxis are inexpensive and Dubai’s metro network connecting the city is another resourceful option to get around. Comfy hotels and a collection of value for money diverse food outlets gives you plenty of options to plan your budget vacation. Getting into Dubai is easy as the city is a major stop over destination for most of the airlines and getting a Dubai Visa is effortless as applying online has simplified visa process into a swift and hassle free procedure.
2. Netherlands

Netherlands culture who needs it

Famous for tulips, picturesque countryside and nightlife, Netherlands has an enchanting charm to allure youngsters. Amsterdam offers low-priced and restful accommodation right from budget hotels to hostels. If you are travelling with your friends then group accommodation is the best choice where you have the choice of staying in a splendid country house or farm houses amid the meadows, and there are unique ways to see Amsterdam, if you are travelling by trains, Eurail has special discounts for students, if you fancy a cycling holiday, even that can be arranged.
1. Thailand

Traditional Thai Cultural shows
Arguably one of the most sought after as well as affordable destination in the world, Thailand charms every wanderer with its rich Thai culture, serene landscapes and scattered tropical islands. Not to miss the vibrant hub of the country, Bangkok which is quite well known for its happening nightlife, shopping, marvellous Thai temples and pagodas, and Thai cuisine. The budget hotels in the country are quite affordable and you can find most of them in city centres. Shopping here for bargain and value for money prices is a major appeal for travellers and you can get quality stuff at street markets as well. An ideal spot for idle sunny days and fun nights.

The break between graduation and work is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel carefree and without responsibilities. You will be never as young and independent as you are today, so seize the chance and travel around. With most of the mentioned countries providing visa on arrival, the inconvenience of preparing for holiday has reduced. Plan wisely, budget well and this travel experience will be a great way to explore life firsthand as you will be amazed at how much you can discover on a tight budget and it teaches you to be resourceful further in your life making you more confident. So strap on your back pack and set out to explore